Inconel 718 Casting

Our Expertise of Inconel 718 Vacuum Precision Casting:

We are very experienced in Inconel 718 vacuum precision casting. With strong capability of casting a wide variety of Inconel super alloy, we provide custom Inconel super alloy casting parts and components for industries and applications including saltwater, aerospace and chemical processing applications and others. We can assure you high quality Inconel 718 vacuum precision casting part. The sizes of the casting parts range up to 32 inches. The weights of the vacuum casting parts are from 0.02 to 220 pounds. Typical casting tolerances meet ISO 8062 CT7 to CT5/ VDG P690 D1 to D2.

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We work with our customers to assure that the Inconel 718 vacuum precision casting products/components can be manufactured with the desired characteristics in the most cost-effective manner. Using simulation software to provide a “virtual prototype” we can begin to optimize the design prior to supplying products/components for design validation. We strive to be our customers’ best Inconel 718 vacuum precision casting supply chain partner.

For your Inconel 718 vacuum precision casting, we can help you out.

An Introduction to Inconel 718:

Inconel 718 castings are typically used for jet engine castings, high-speed airframe castings, land-based gas turbine castings, oil field castings, rocket motor castings, spacecraft, nuclear reactor component castings, pumps and castings for cryogenic applications. Inconel 718 is a precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium alloy containing relatively high amounts of iron, niobium, and molybdenum along with smaller quantities of aluminum and titanium. Inconel 718 castings provide excellent corrosion resistance and high strength. Inconel 718 castings can be easily welded and are resistant to postweld cracking. The alloy has excellent creep-rupture strength at temperatures up to 1300°F (700°C). Inconel 718 is also known as UNS 07718, UNS N07718, Udimet 718, Allvac 718, Pyromet Alloy 718 and Haynes Alloy No. 718.

Why Vacuum Precision Cast Inconel 718?

Hardness, toughness and high temperature strength make nickel-based superalloys extremely difficult to machine. Vacuum precision casting avoids this problem by producing accurate parts that are near-net shape. While the processes used for making wax patterns and ceramic cores are complicated, vacuum precision casting need little final machining. This makes vacuum precision casting cost-effective for more complex parts required in higher volumes.

In the early days of super alloys, parts were forged rather than cast. However, the development of vacuum precision casting eliminated the porosity problems that plagued early attempts at casting. Today almost all investment casting of super alloys is performed under vacuum.

Material Information of Nickel-Based Super Alloy Inconel 718 (IN718)

The most prominence of nickel-based super alloy Inconel 718 is its exceptional corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Inconel 718 are typically used in high temperature applications. Common trade names:

  • Inconel 718 include: Nicrofer 5219, Superimphy 718, Haynes 718, Pyromet 718, Supermet 718, and Udimet 718

Applications of Nickel-Based Super Alloy Inconel 718 (IN718)
Industries: Inconel 718 is typically used for jet engine and gas turbine operations
Characteristic: Inconel 718 is a nickel-based super alloy that is well suited for applications requiring high strength in temperature ranges from cryogenic up to 1400°F. Inconel 718 also exhibits excellent tensile and impact strength

Chemical Composition of Nickel-Based Super Alloy Inconel 718(IN718)
Al B C Cr Co
0.20-0.80 0.0060 Max 0.08 Max 17-21 1.00 Max
Cu Fe Mn Mo Ni
0.3 Max 17 0.35 Max 2.8-3.3 50-55
Nb P Si S Ti
4.75-5.5 0.015 Max 0.35 Max 0.015 Max 0.65-1.15

Mechanical Properties of Nickel-Based Super Alloy Inconel 718 (IN718)
Density Tensile Strength, Ultimate Tensile Strength, Yield Elongation at Break
0.296 lb/in³ 160,000 psi @ 1,200°F 142,000 psi @ 1,200°F 18% @ 1,200°F

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